The videos have been moved according to their length, I hope that makes it easier to find and choose a class.

  1. Kriya/Meditation for your Heart Center, Throat & Intuition - 13 mins

  2. Kriya for Self Adjustment of the Spine - 13 mins

  3. Warm Ups - 13 mins

  4. 11 Sun Salutations 6 'A' and 5 'B' version - 15 mins

  5. Quick Warm up for the following Kriya - 11 minutes (out of order because the kriya follows)

  6. Wahe Guru Kriya with lots of Mantra - 19 minutes

  7. Short Set for Flexibility - 20 minutes

  8. Renew Your Nervous System & Build Stamina with Tune in & Sunshine Song - 20 minutes

  9. Key to Unlock the Unlimited Infinite Power in You - 20 minutes

  10. Seated Kriya for Neck, Shoulders & Deep Meditation (nice to do a standing warm up before this all sitting Kriya)

  11. Warm up & Stress Release Kriya - 22 minutes

  12. All round workout Kriya - 22 minutes

  13. A seated Kriya to rejuvenate, invigorate & open your heart - 22:30 mins

  14. 23 minutes to work on the navel 3rd Chakra

  15. Increase circulation to your brain and spine working the pelvic area - 29 minutes

  16. Kriya to Strengthen what you stretch & work on your balance - 30 minutes

  17. Circulation & Elimination - 32 minutes

  18. Nervous system repair & Heart strengthening - 33 minutes

  19. Wahe Guru Kriya w/Tune in & Sunshine - 34 minute

  20. Kriya to Improve digestion - 34 minutes

  21. Navel & Heart Kriya - 37 minutes

  22. Lymph System Kriya - 38 minutes

  23. Magnetic Field & Heart Center - 42 minutes

  24. Releasing Tension (warm up & Kriya only) - 44 minutes

  25. Kriya with lots of Mantras - 45 minutes

  26. Wahe Guru Kriya (Full class) 54 minutes

  27. GuruPrem teaching a class to do Bound Lotus, lots of Hips, pelvis work. - 1 hour

  28. Individual exercises from the Kriya for Neck, Shoulders, Upper back & Deep Meditation - 9 individual videos (Kriya #7)

  29. Deep Relaxation with Gong - 7 minutes

1. A Powerful 9 minute meditation for your 4th, 5th & 6th Chakra, working on the Heart Center, Throat & Intuition (third eye point) Tune in included.

2. This set is one of my favorite warm ups & makes the hips feel great! I know you can't see my face, but I thought you would enjoy the Bali morning :) in the back ground, and you can see the exercises just fine! 13 minutes, ENJOY!

3. Warm Ups - 13 minutes

4. Here is a good challenge for some of you, 11 Sun Salutations a day will give you great strength but also Invincible Courage!! Modified versions of Sun Salutations are on the Basics page if this is too much...

5. Warm Up taught with following video Wahe Guru Kriya - 11 mins

6. Wahe Guru Kriya with Mantras - 18:30minutes No warm ups...

7. A Short Set for Flexibility - 20 mins

8. Renew Your Nervous System & Build Stamina - 19 mins

9. Key to Unlock the Unlimited Infinite Power in You - 20 minutes

10. This is a Great Kriya set of or group of exercises, to do to open your ribcage & improve your lung capacity, it can also unlock tension in your shoulders. It is all sitting down, I recommend the above warm up before or a comfortable seat! Below you will also find the Individual exercises in separate videos at the bottom of this page, to be more of a learning experience. Make sure to find a comfortable seat on the ground, it can also be done on a chair, keep your feet flat on the ground. - 21 minutes

11. Stress Relief with short chair warm up- From Live event (Chair Yoga)  21:37 minutes  

12. Quick All Round Workout - Beautiful Bali Morning: 22 minutes

13. A seated Kriya with short warm up, to rejuvinate, invigorate & open your heart

14. A complete set, including tune in, warm ups, & sunshine song! Can be done in a chair as filmed or sitting on the floor!

15. A more Advanced class, but all levels can practice safely with props(I'll show you) & as always by listening to your body. - 29mins

16. Strengthen, Stretch & Balance all in under 30 minutes!

17. This is a great class for any level. Beautiful evening by the pool in Bali, by the way it was raining lightly while filming :) -  32 minutes

18. This Kriya is powerful and subtle, it uses the breath and the bandh's to move energy, strengthen the heart and repair the nervous system. 32mins

19. Wahe Guru Kriya, good tune up. with Tune in & Sunshine song

20. A Kriya to Improve your digestion - 34 minute7

21. Intro and Navel & Heart Kriya (The Warm up for this Kriya is in the video right after if you have time to do it!)

22. This is a Kriya to work on your Lymph System, it needs your movements to help it process and eliminate the disease that it has gathered from your body. This Kriya targets the Lymph glands area specifically and helps your circulation. As always, Tune in with Ong Namo and  you can warm up with one of the Warm up exercises(right below this video is the video of warmups I taught with this Kriya) Love to have your feedback.

23. A great Kriya to power up from the inside out, strengthen your Heart Center and expand your Magnetic Field, the energy around you.

24. Releasing Tension (Great Hip warm ups & Kriya only) - 44 minutes

25. Right into the Kriya, a great workout with lots of Mantra chanting includes deep relaxation - 45 minutes

26. Wahe Guru Kriya: Great Hip WarmUps, lots of Mantra, Strengthening the Spine - 54 minutes

27. GuruPrem teaching a great class to warm up, loosen up and open up your hips to allow for more ease sitting and for Bound Lotus! Thank you Dr. Soram for the recording!

28. This class is split into 9 parts do any or all...the idea is to teach the techniques then put it all together (Full Class above) If you do the whole class, please Tune In using the Mantra: Ong Namo GuruDev Namo & relax after (there is a Gong relax at the end of the videos below)

29. Deep Relax with Gong - 7 minutes