Completely New to Kundalini Yoga - "Kundalini Yoga was completely new to me, and I was a bit intimidated. Simran quickly put me at ease with her teaching style and I have less pain and more range of motion in my hips by day 5 of the program!" - Amanda M.

Didn't like Yoga! - "I didn't like yoga before, now I love it! Simran made it real, approachable & a joy!" - Brenda T.

Incredibly Powerful - "Do you ever have a feeling so incredibly powerful that you can't quite put your finger on it - but you know its there? That's the feeling I'm experiencing right now - complete peace, serenity and calm that I have been chasing after my entire life - I'm not quite sure if it is the Kundalini Yoga the we are doing or that fact that I'm in such a beautiful place doing the yoga. This is the practice that has been void in my life - I probably would not have had to have gone through so much hell with my addiction had I been a student of yoga - But none the less all of my experiences have gotten me to this point in my life and I will not move any further down this magical road in life without Kundalini Yoga - I believe I have come home!

My heart is full of gratitude for being here, having such and inspiring couple to guide me through this beautiful process. So a very warm & heartfelt thank you to the both of you, Simran & GuruPrem, for bringing out this amazing transformation in my soul. I don't know if our paths will cross again in person, but please know that you have made an incredible impact on my life, I am forever grateful to you both." - Robbie J E - Texas

Peaceful Fun - "Simran's delightful combination of calm & sense of humor make yoga a pure pleasure. She teaches yoga that is peaceful, fun & invigorating, with Grace & ease!" Lisa B. - Dallas, Texas

Hated Yoga - "Now I don't hate yoga! I'm going to continue a yoga practice! Thank you Simran!" - Celle M.

Ignite Your Soul - "Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga I was able to access parts of myself that ignited my Soul & I feel as though I am living with a deeper meaning of connection to the Divine! I feel a sense of peace & serenity like never before!" - Freida A

The Easy Path - "The course was really helpful, not only in my Kundalini Yoga practice, but also in my daily life. I learned how to respect the wisdom of my body. It amazed me that even a simple correct sitting pose can change my mental state! The books & course of Divine Alignment and the Heart Rules are like a body manual and energy map. Yes, I could do a bow pose before, and it might looks like a bow pose though internally I was in pain, but when I understood how to do it “correctly”, the principles, purpose and the internal energy involved, it opened a new gate for me, and all of sudden it became so easy and enjoyable! Now, the quality of my morning sadhana (daily practice) improved, I can apply the basic principles I learned from the course & books into every Asana, and I enjoy the energy provided by every Asana with the feeling of being elevated!" - Preet Kamal Kaur, Beijing

Never been Flexible - "I have never been flexible to dream of positions like Full Lotus (Padmasana). I believed my legs had the wrong proportion of bones or something, only some privileged people could do certain yoga postures. I had never planned to work on this advanced positions, I was happy enough to sit cross-legged with a pillow. After taking Simran Kaur's workshop on postures, which I enjoyed very much. I was interested in how I could teach people with little flexibility. I have started to do some simple exercises Simran taught us as warm ups before my Kriya Practice every day. They are easy, simple, but have to be done correctly to get the benefit like Simran taught, I practiced like that. After several months of practice, I saw the video about Bound Lotus Kriya – ridiculously challenging posture, I thought, for the gifted! Before I had tried to get into the lotus without getting close, but just for fun this time I tried and what a surprise – I was able to do it! I needed some props, but it was possible. I remember what Simran told us, if you would like to do any challenging Asana, build it from easier posture, that will help you to build what you need to go further. It works!" - Sarka - Czech Republic

Bound Lotus