People usually find a benefit the very first time they practice a breathing technique or take a yoga class! I will teach you all I can through the videos, I recommend taking live classes when you can, there is power in the group & having a teacher right there for you. I hope to see you at one of the live classes, Retreats, Coaching sessions or Courses I do throughout the year.  Check out our Question & Answer page for any of your queries. If you still have a question hit the contact button!

Start here, new subscribers & those looking: Basics, Tips & Tools, complimentary instruction to GET You started today! 

Maximize your practice & Learn best practices, tricks & correct fundamentals! Very Important!! Here are some of the Basics videos, more in the membership section when you sign up:

Use these videos get you started: terms used in classes, basics, Bandh's (internal locks), breathing fundamentals & more.  Then Sign Up for More Basics & Excellent guidance for correct sitting, movement, breathing & Learning how to BE!

A talk on Developing A Daily Discipline - 13 mins

Yoga Classes

Movement, Breathing & Mantra to fit the time you have! Classes are  11-50 minutes, choose the time you have!

Choose from sets (Kriya's) by length, your level of practice or an issue you would like to work on. All classes include instruction from start to finish & can be practiced by anyone at their own level: tuning in, breathing, asana & relaxation. Some sets include a meditation as well. Commit Daily for best results! 66 Days is the ideal length to practice something new to make it a new Habit!! Set your time & Do it! Sign Up for    Here are a couple of examples from one of the classes.

Breathe Better

On -Demand

Breathing correctly is the easiest thing to do to change your mindset, physical patterns & allow you to be in the present moment! Train  your breath & you will train your mind. Breathing correctly will improve your digestion, allow you to focus, strengthen your abdominal muscles, support your heart, decrease stress, increase your sense of peace & More! Breathing better & Meditations

Breathing well and practicing various breathing techniques will give you a new experience of mental peace, feeling calm, centered, focused & being present. These videos will offer you guidance on how to breath correctly and many short breathing techniques to give you immediate relief and offer a practice to allow you to use anywhere, as well as more powerful and in depth practices to graduate on to. Sign up for our Monthly (cancel anytime)  or Annual Plan (One time payment 12 months access) to get yourself feeling better right away! Breathing better


with & without Gong

Various deep relaxations with guided cues for maximum relaxation & healing. Gong vibration relaxations work on breaking through resistance, deep healing & letting go!


Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules

Dive into these great courses on how to correctly move, breathe, bend & be! Using Kundalini Yoga we will uncover the foundational ideas on how to build your best posture & alignment for your life. Can be applied to any sport you play, how you use your body on a daily basis: sitting, standing, breathing, walking, running, being & having better posture (thus feeling better)