Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules

 Ad from Chilean Divine Alignment course in 2017

 Ad from Chilean Divine Alignment course in 2017


Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules Instructor Rules & Requirements

Anyone taking the course can have a certificate of completion.

If you want to be a Certified Divine Alignment Instructor - level 1

We recommend owning both of the books: Divine Alignment & the Heart Rules (paper or electronic)

Recommend a 40 day Kriya practice using terminology used in DA & THR

The applicant of the Divine Alignment Instructor Certificate is required to:

Be there for the full 2 days of the course

Be a Certified KY TT Level 1 teacher OR any 200hr TT course certified

Take the written exam and pass with 85% correct

Participate in the teaching portion of the course. Teach 2 asana using the terms from Divine Alignment

Certificate of Participation / Completion & CEU's  (they do not need to do anything else, they took the course)


If they want to pursue being an Instructor of Divine Alignment and get a Certified Divine Alignment Instructor Level 1 Certificate they need to:

Complete these course requirements:

1. Take the test and get 85% correct (Let those taking the test know that with a well written Essay answer, they may be posted to a blog so that others can learn)

2. Need to be Kundalini Yoga Certified Teachers or any other kind of 200+hr certified yoga teacher

3. Pay US$25 license fee (we can give the certificates on receipt of this fee paid, I want to use this money to create the website/platform for the community of Divine Alignment, not made yet)

4. Practice any Yoga Set/sets for 40 Days remembering/saying/using DA & THR techniques - This is self assessment 


Licensing allows those who get certified to:

1. Use Certified Divine Alignment Instructor in their bio material

2. Teach Divine Alignment in their classes

3. Be part of community learning, growing & teaching together how to do Kundalini Yoga (and any movement) correctly

4. Access to the website with videos and blogs, and a teachers page.

5. Possibility of discounted books (Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules when they buy 5 or more, or any number you like and they sell retail.)


Once licensed, to maintain licensing & be eligible for renewal annually one must:

1) Incorporate the terminology of Divine Alignment into their teaching of Kundalini Yoga (self assessment)

2) Teach a class 1-3 hours teaching the fundamentals of Divine Alignment

3) Make 1 or 2 videos teaching any asana using the correct Divine Alignment terminology

By making two videos of themselves teaching any asana (teaching another person or just into the camera,) Using the terms from the course of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules

Exchange videos with another person who attended a course and they both can tell each other how they did.

Additionally, these videos need to be viewed by someone who wants to continue on and become a Lead Teacher of Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules. I would love for the really well done videos to be made available to the other teachers in the Divine Alignment group, so we can all learn from each other!


Simran Kaur

Lead Trainer for Divine Alignment & The Heart Rules Courses