Start your day with one of these breathing techniques

Then during the day, you can come back to this practice or just awareness of your breath, at any time, to bring you back to your center, calm or to focus your mind! Make sure to check out the basics videos as they will set the foundation for your whole practice. Learn how to sit better, so you can breathe better, move better and feel better.

Start with the Basics Here

Some Basics for Breathing well...

Breathing Long & Deep for Mental Balance & A Calm Mind - 6:23min

Breathing Meditation for Mental Control - 5 minutes

Using a long Saat Naam moving thru the chakras, this is a wonderful meditation. 5:30 minutes

Every get hot under the collar? Angry? This breath is a great one to calm you and cool you down. Works well for Hot Flashes too!

Breathing to Focus, Center & Energize - 3mins

Breathing Meditation for a Calm & Steadfast Mind able to be directed (focused)  - 5 mins

A Calming, Relaxing & De-stressing Breath 3:51 mins

Breathing Meditation to Think & Act Clearly - 7mins

Breathing Meditation for a Calm & Settled Mind - 5:30 Minutes

A meditation for let go of what you cannot change and to develop faith, trust and easy acceptance!

Meditation to Remove Anxiety with Mantra: Har Haray Haree Wahe Guru - 5 mins

Meditation for Prosperity (for Your Spirit) with Mantra: Har - 5 mins

A great meditation to Tranquilize Your Mind Quickly - Kundalini Yoga breathing meditation - 3 mins