Here you will find warm ups where I offer more detailed instruction on Asana, they can be done alone or before practicing Kriya's, also there are some short Kriya's that I like to teach and do as warm ups, they can be done alone as well. These are in order of length of video, shortest first:

  1. Sun Salutations (Three Versions in a row) - 3:48 mins

  2. Quick 11 minute Warm Up

  3. Warm Up - 12 mins (was taught with the Navel & Heart Kriya on Kriya's page)

  4. Warm Up - 14 mins

  5. Warm Up & Kriya 'Self Adjustment of the Spine'

  6. Warm Up - 11 Sun Salutations to Bring you invincible courage (YB Quote!) 6 'A' and 5 'B'

  7. Full Body activation - 16 minutes

  8. Great Warm Ups - 20 minutes

  9. A Short Warm Up Set - 20 minutes

1. Three sun salutations, first Sun Salute 'A' modified and slow, second 'A' with float back/forward into Chatturanga and Sun Salutation 'B'

2. A Quick 11 minutes of warmups, nice little series to start your day or to do before practicing Kriya.

3. Great Warm Ups 12 mins - was taught with the Navel & Heart Set Kriya

4. Warm Ups 14 minutes, great for before the Lymph Kriya above. Or as a short practice!

5. This set is one of my favorite warm ups & Kriya's, it makes the hips feel great! I know you can't see my face, but I thought you would enjoy the Bali morning :) in the back ground, and you can see the exercises just fine! 13 minutes, ENJOY!

6. Here is a good challenge for some of you, 11 Sun Salutations a day will give you great strength but also Invincible Courage!! Modified versions of Sun Salutations are on the Basics page if this is too much...

7. Warm Ups & Full Body Activation - 16 minutes

8. Great Warm Ups- 20 minutes

9. A Short Warm Up Set - 20 minutes