About Me


Simran is a life-long Yogi...

Simran is a life long Yogi, she is a product of Yogi Bhajan coming to the US to teach Kundalini Yoga, train teachers & teach how to live a healthy, happy & holy lifestyle. Her parents, Sat Jivan Singh & Kaur are co-directors of Kundalini Yoga East & have been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1970 in New York City! www.KundaliniYogaEast.com

Simran has dedicated herself to teaching & being an example of living a Vibrant, Active, Calm, Happy, Flexible & Fun life! She is an expert in body awareness, posture, breath & how to feel ones best! Simran's mission is to help people find joy, ease & happiness in whatever they do & commit to practices that sustain them.

Simran grew up in the Yogic Ashrams founded by Yogi Bhajan in the 70's surrounded by Kundalini Yoga and music. She finished her schooling in the foothills of the Himalaya's & on graduating she moved to Los Angeles, worked for Yoga West, taking classes with Yogi Bhajan and working in Music for Meditation, Yoga & Mantra. She started Cherdi Kala Music which grew into Spirit Voyage Music. www.SpiritVoyage.com

Towards the end of High school, Simran went through a dark period, dealing with the ideals of 'perfection' struggled with addiction to food & Bulimia, it was during this challenging time that she decided, what was most important to her was to be happy & feel healthy, so she changed the meaning of her story, climbed her way out of despair, darkness, lying & addiction. With the help of her supportive husband, family & friends, the gift of breathing better, Kundalini Yoga & meditation practice & OA & other Recovery Programs.

Over the years Simran has completed many 1,000 day mastery practices, such as Bound Lotus & Kirtan Kriya, but most important she has learned that HOW you practice is the most important aspect. She now teaches how to practice with ease, self love & acceptance, all while making steady safe progress i.e. wearing a slight hint of a smile :)

Simran has studied & taught with her husband, 'Posture Master' GuruPrem Singh Khalsa for the last 20+ years. They have taught the techniques in the books Divine Alignment &  The Heart Rules in relationship to being in a body, any Activity one does & Kundalini Yoga. www.DivineAlignment.com