Embrace change for a Healthy, Happy & WholeHearted life You love!

Hi! I'm Simran,  You are in the right place!  I'm here to help You be the best Unique version of You!   You'll love your life, become your best self and reignite your connection to what matter most!


Coaching with Simran,

 You can have:

More happiness in your life & smile more

Clarity and clearing blocks in your life

Better Health, Prioritize your self care & physical activity

Deeper connection to your Spirit/Soul

More Balance both inner & outer

Self Confidence

Better Relationships

Enjoy your life

Prosperity - living in your purpose and thriving

More energy, focus & calm


My coaching program will help you navigate life’s transitions with confidence and clarity so that you can feel at peace again.

If you want to steer your life in a new direction, I’m in your corner each step of the way to give you the guidance, support, and accountability you need to become the best version of yourself.

From this process of reacquainting yourself with your innermost self you’ll emerge as a more resilient you, ready to discover what you really want… and have it.

To ensure you have the support you need, I will be consistently checking in with you. This extra layer of accountability will help you to stay on track and turn your transformation into a daily practice of action.

What has brought you to me.

  • You want more from your life
  • You want more clarity
  • You feel your heart is calling for something but, can quite put your finger on what's missing...
  • You know that something needs to change in your life, but up until now you haven't been able to change
  • You have self defeating habits, lack motivation, consistency or discipline
  • You want to feel less stressed
  • You have relationship challenges
  • You want to feel the flow of inspiration in your well of creativity, which seems to have dried up
  • You find yourself chasing distraction, novelty or anything to distract you from the numbness inside
  • You want to feel healthier, happier & more balanced
  • You think you are alone feeling this way


It is my mission to offer you a way out of the stuck place in your life, work with you to create sustainable lasting change so you can feel healthy, happy & wholehearted! 

I will guide you in time tested practices, habits & lessons, I have learned, practiced and shared to create a life I love. For decades I have shared these practices with thousands of people all over the world & with their commitment they have found lasting results in their lives!

Simran has a lifetime of  being a Yogi, Yoga teacher and Coach. She will share her unique & masterful perspective to help guide you to your best thinking, action & outcomes, all of which lead you to feeling better, healthier & more aligned. She supports men and women to take steps to leading a life they only dreamed of! She loves to help people understand why they are stuck, where the conflict or inner struggle they face comes from, and how to stop making choices from a place of fear. All this to leading a life they love!

"You are the only YOU, you are unique, precious and you have a purpose!"

To schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult see the time below:

Is Private Coaching For YOU?

I see coaching as a supportive dialogue that prepares you to fully engage both body and mind in the pursuit of a meaningful life.

  • It is a safe space designed to help you cultivate the flexibility and openness you’ll need to thrive during periods of transition and renewal.
  • You’ll be asked to embrace feelings as a form of self-healing and recognize emotions as messengers that direct you to areas of your life that need attention.
  • I know you’ll be amazed by the insight you gain into old patterns of thinking that are no longer useful.
  • You’ll feel the tension leave your shoulders and a new sense of optimism. In no time, you’ll find yourself proactively choosing words and actions that serve your needs first.
  • This is the ultimate secret to bringing your best self to those you deeply care for.

What you are looking for in a Coach You'll Love (From TONY ROBBINS):

  • Accountable: Your coach should feel responsible for your success. You should be able to trust your coach to follow up with you and monitor how well you’ve applied what you learn during your sessions to your real life.
  • Strategic thinker: You and your needs are unique, and your coach should be able to help plot a path that addresses your limiting beliefs and the outcomes that you seek to achieve.
  • Good listener: Life coaching is about you, your goals or outcomes and your path toward making them a reality. Only a coach who is willing to listen can truly know and understand you.
  • Goal-oriented: It goes without saying that the point of coaching is to achieve lasting change. How do you know whether you’ve accomplished this? The only way to measure your progress is to establish goals — what we refer to as outcomes — so it’s important to have a coach who can help you set the right metrics for success.
  • Has high expectations: You are capable of incredible things and your coach should recognize that, otherwise that person will not be able to maximize your potential and guide you towards a truly fulfilling life.
  • Always up for a challenge: Achieving change and attaining a state that will allow you to do anything you dream of will put you out of your comfort zone. Your coach should always challenge you to change, to do things that you otherwise would not.

heart rules Group coaching

Coming soon! An exclusive 12 week - lasting change, group coaching limited to 15 people who are ready to make lasting change  in their lives to reach their goals. If you are interested please contact: Simrankkhalsa@gmail.com