Show up for yourself daily to get great benefits contained in experiencing these techniques & for maximum results give yourself 66 days to set new habits! Start with trying the various classes but then stick with one Kriya (group of exercises) for an extended time 40-66 days! Just do one day at a time :)

We will be adding a class per week (most weeks)  Click on any of the links below to start!

See below the links for support, discipline development & some helpful practices to get the most from committing to the best you!

Before you begin, maximize your practice, learn best practices, tricks & correct fundamentals! Very Important!!

Here are some guidelines & best practices:

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Additional work you can do to get the most our of your commitment to a better you!

If you are anything like me, sticking with a program of self improvement for a desired outcome is a challenge. My personality does best when inspired to do a practice for a given length of time, usually because someone else is doing something similar. What I recommend & would love to see from you is before & after. Start now, take a picture of yourself, just a regular picture, if you want to lose weight, if you have tech neck, if you are sad, I want you to keep it! Because after your first committed period of practice, I want you to take another picture so you can compare! Additionally, start a new journal & every morning part of your practice is to list 3 things you are grateful for & every evening take just a few minutes to reflect, write about your day or how you feel your progress is going or about anything. You want to lose weight, feel better, have less stress, improve your posture, feel better about yourself, have more energy ? Well, new data is showing to truly establish a new habit you need 66 days!

These techniques, classes & breathing will make you feel better right away, but to give yourself the results you are looking for, you need to commit daily to yourself & show UP!

Recommended Path to Success:

  • Daily Practice (Sadhana) give yourself time to connect with your heart/High self, God, creator, purpose, intention, outcome, best first thing in the morning before the sun rises (before you check your emails, before everyone else is awake) quiet time!
  • Start to feel what you are feeling, this is a practice you will probably have just by paying attention to your breath.
  • Practice Breathing patterns first thing, then you have them available to you at anytime during the day & can get to that calm place easily!
  • Cold Showers...Benefits: feel less sore, get your circulation moving, improved open capillaries, skin elasticity, keeps you looking young! Cold showers feel amazing, they wake you up, help you feel warm (after the initial cold) get the sore out of your muscles (massage your body where the cold water hits your body) 
  • One physical Kriya practice daily
  • Additional Aerobic Exercise
  • Go Out in nature whenever you can
  • Journal Daily - Gratitude practice
  • Limit Electronic time

Ultimately, these practices will be come second nature to you &  I want you to learn these techniques so you can improve your life in real time, in the moment, when you feel stressed, when the deadline looms, when your relationships are challenged, I want you to have the well of your own practice to draw from!

Coming Soon:

Heart Rules Coaching - to help you love yourself on your journey to your goals!

12 week Coaching courses: Heart Rules Coaching! for 15 intrepid souls ready to start on their path to successful living!

A Course in Good Posture: Divine Alignment & allowing you to listen to your Heart & Your Heart to Rule your body & Mind